Drain Cleaning

Between the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bathtub and toilet, there are tons of potential plumbing issues in your home or business. We’re all guilty of ignoring clogged or slow-draining drains, or fix them with short-term solutions. What many homeowners don’t realize is that those minor issues could be signs of a much bigger problem lurking right around the corner. And if you don’t fix that clogged drain or backed-up pipe, a quick fix could become a costly replacement.

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning

Enlist the help of Best Care Home Services for those pesky clogged drains. Our comprehensive clogged drain cleaning services for the Memphis, TN, area can relieve the pressure your drain and pipes experience and hopefully relieve your stress, too. Our technicians have the skill and expertise to handle bathroom drains, kitchen drains, and any other drains in your home that need help.

Explore our clogged drain cleaning services below and discover how we can help stop your minor plumbing issue from becoming a costly overhaul or repair. Keep your pipes in pristine working condition with a little help from the professionals at Best Care Home Services.


Clogged Bathroom Drain

A lot more goes down your bathtub and sink drains than just soap and water. Hair, pet fur, dirt, and oil leave disgusting buildups in your pipes and eventually stop your drain from functioning entirely.

Instead of wasting time and money on quick fixes like drain cleaners and the handy old metal clothes hanger, call Best Care to get to the root of the problem. And if your drains look good? Don’t forget to regularly clean them—we recommend weekly scrubbing with a toothbrush, then popping in a trap to catch loose hair and other larger debris.


Kitchen Drain Cleaning

It’s normal for kitchen drains to clog over time as grease, detergents, fats and debris cling to the sides of the pipes. But the longer you wait, the worse problems can get.

If your drain is emptying slowly or is visibly backed up, call Best Care. We’ve been serving the area for over a decade, and have the equipment, tools and training to handle the most challenging residential and commercial drain issues. We also offer basement drain cleaning, utility room drain cleaning and outdoor drain cleaning.


5 Signs You Have a Backup

Think you have a backup? Look for these tell-tale signs:

  1. Water is backing up and coming out of the sink drain — or not draining quickly (or at all)
  2. There are pools of water around shower and sink drains
  3. Water in the toilet begins to bubble when the sink is running
  4. Sink or shower drains “gurgle,” especially after the washing machine or dishwasher runs
  5. There’s a distinct odor coming from the sink drain — usually sour-, moldy- or rotten-smelling

Think you might have a back up? Don’t wait until a small clog becomes a major issue.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Plumbing issues don’t care about “normal business hours” – neither do we. You can’t afford to wait around when you have a plumbing emergency and when you choose Best Care, you never have to.

We’re available around the clock to handle your emergency plumbing issues.

Stop wasting time and money – get in touch!

Keeping your pipes flowing in the right direction.

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