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Power Your Home With Generac Generators

Best Care offers top-notch Generac generators and servicing for your entire emergency backup power system. Whether it’s generator repairs, maintenance or installation, we’ve got you covered.

Factory-Trained Generac Professionals

Our factory-trained professionals will show you how to extend the lifespan of your generator through routine maintenance. And if you’re ready to upgrade to a new model? We’ll help you pick the best generator for your home or business.


  • Output voltage testing to confirm proper performance
  • Check motor oil level, pressure and condition, replace as needed
  • Check coolant level and condition, replace as needed
  • Check generator cooling circuit temperature
  • Inspect pump and belts
  • Confirm battery, battery cable and charger condition
  • Repair fluid leaks
  • Check fuel level
  • Advise home and business owners on proper use

If you need a new generator installed or an existing model repaired, contact us today to schedule your service appointment or same-day repair.